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Rogue Galaxy

PlayStation 2

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Published by Sony
Rated T

Jaster dreams of exploring the galaxy. In a sudden turn of fate, he is recruited into a band of space pirates in a race to find a legendary planet that holds the key to the greatest treasures. He will go on to to explore the galaxy and face countless battles in an adventure of a lifetime.

* No load times: Immerses you into the expansive world and lets you freely explore.

* Superior combat system: Real-time combat puts you fully in control of your adventure. Switch between players, send commands to teammates or utilize multiple combat moves to out-smart, out-shoot or out-muscle your opponents.

* Item synthesis engine and creation system: Put together an assembly line and build the perfect weapon or technology to help your cause.

* Expansive detailed environments: Explore the far reaches of the galaxy from water planets, desserts to deep space.

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