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Berlin Job

2013 Action/Crime Not Rated 109 Minutes

Berlin Job

In Theaters N/A
On 4K UHD Not Available
On Blu-ray October 8, 2013
On DVD October 8, 2013


A Match, A Firm, A Heist, The Mother of All Battles!London gangsters, and cousins, Micky Mannock (Frank Harper) and RayCollishaw (Craig Fairbrass) have a problem... a big problem! They've lost a huge shipment of cocaine when their boat from Amsterdam capsized in rough seas. Their problems multiply when they hear that not only has the boat gone over, but it's taken one of their firm and a Russian Mafia Mobster with it. Now they've only got 5 days to come up with the money!Micky and Ray realise they have no other option but to go to Amsterdam and see their friend and business partner of 25 years, Albert Ball (Vincent Regan). Being two of the heaviest gangsters in London they are under constant surveillance from S.O.C.A (The Serious Organised Crime Agency) and two cops with a personal vendetta - Nixon and Proctor.Jimmy McCudden (Neil Maskell) and Micky's brother Eddie are two of England's top boys and terrace legends. They're organising a trip on St George's Day to Berlin via Amsterdam to watch the 3 Lions take on Germany. When Micky hears about the trip he realises that this could be the ideal cover needed to get over to Amsterdam without raising the alarm... 'We go under the radar, the Old Bill won't notice a thing!'On visiting Albert they're given 'a chunk of light in the unremitting darkness' a bit of work, a diamond heist in Berlin. They can repay their debt to the Russians and maybe make enough money to retire on? Micky & Ray soon realise they don't have any other options. Also, they should have known Nixon & Proctor would be following them every step of the way.Using the England firm in Berlin as a diversion, Micky, Ray and Albert give the police the slip to pull off a daring diamond heist. 'Berlin Job' is a humorous roller-coaster ride, as Mickey and Ray attempt to stay one step ahead of the Police, the Russians and find the informant inside their firm and pull off the robbery that will save their lives.

Not Rated.

Released by Cinedigm Entertainment. See more credits.