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Dallas (2012): The Complete Third Season

2015 TV Series/Drama/Drama Not Rated 660 Minutes

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DALLAS Season 3 packs even more dramatic and emotional wallop than its predecessors when turmoil strikes Southfork. From every direction, scandal and treachery mean greater family divisions, along with tenuous alliances and diabolical double-crosses. John Ross (Josh Henderson) continues to prove heís J.R.ís son, becoming more cunning than his daddy ever was. Heís determined to seize control of the Ewing empire, setting his sites on global energy domination ó and heís not about to cut Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy) in for their share. Meanwhile, as if Elena (Jordana Brewster) hasnít done enough damage to her relationship with Christopher, she returns to Southfork with her own devious agenda. Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) conspires to put the wedding plans for John Ross and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) on ice when she uncovers the groomís affair with Emma (Emma Bell). It looks like the Ewing clan couldnít possibly survive any more malefactions or stunning surprises... But that doesnít mean there arenít more coming!

Not Rated.

Released by Warner Bros. See more credits.