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If you thought divorce was ugly, try marriage!


Meet Richard and Barbara Harmon. A typical American couple, together for 17 years. But lately things have gotten too predictable and stale. The once loving couple spends their evenings arguing, their marriage quickly unravelling. They visit a marriage counselor to no avail, and when Richard pays a drunken visit to a prostitute (Lee Grant), they split up. But the Harmons find their newly-single lifestyle isn't going to be easy. Richard meets Jason Robards (All the President's Men, Julia) who plays matchmaker for his ex-wife Jean Simmons (Elmer Gantry, Spartacus), figuring he won't have to pay alimony if she's re-married to Richard. Barbara falls for Big Al (Van Johnson) a car dealer with a mother fixation. but when Barbara and Richard are reunited at a nightclub one evening, they come to the realization that even though they didn't have a perfect marriage, it was a lot better than their divorce.

“a member of that rare species, the Hollywood comedy with teeth in it” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


David Sloane (Dean Martin) suspects that his married friend, Harry (Eli Wallach), may be fooling around on his wife, so he intends to steal his mistress away from him. David assumes Harry is going after his secretary, Carol (Stella Stevens), and he quickly charms her into a relationship. Problem solved, David thinks, until he discovers that he assumed wrong and that Harry has actually been having an affair with his beautiful neighbor, Muriel (Anne Jackson).

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