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Anyone Home?

2019 Suspense/Horror/Mystery Not Rated 85 Minutes

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Before the 2008 crash, selling vacant houses was straightforward. Paint the walls, truck in some furniture and make the place look homey. But now, with more than 2 million properties clogging the market, "homey" isn't cutting it. Desperate to sell, banks have resorted to more extreme measures. When renting furniture stopped working, they started renting people. ANYONE HOME? is about a mom, her kid, and the strange, little-known practice of "live-in staging." Like many of the recently evicted families recruited to participate, Camila (27) and Jaime (8) are initially ecstatic to live in a McMansion in exchange for decorating the house and maintaining the property. But gradually, the strain of living alone in the desert, surrounded by the ruins of a "ghost subdivision," begins to wear on Camila. Isolated and under enormous pressures-from the local realtor and her own unrealistic expectations- Camila descends into a nightmare far more powerful than any American Dream.

Not Rated.

Released by Gravitas Ventures. See more credits.