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The Bygone

2019 Western/Action Not Rated 106 Minutes

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Hard times have hit the Summer Ranch, one of the last remaining cattle ranches in North Dakota. Still coping with the recent loss of his mother, Kip Summer seeks comfort within a nearby brothel where he comes to the aid of Waniya and brings her to the safety of the ranch.

The following night, two headlights roll up behind Kip's truck and a man named Paris, dressed in black, approaches and assaults Kip, knocking him out. When Kip comes to, dawn is breaking and Waniya is missing. Despite both the Sheriff and his father's forewarning, Kip begins his search and sets out into the murky borderland between crime and industry, where he is thrown into the underground world of trafficking, prejudice, and evil as old as the land itself...

Uncovering the final mystery of Waniya's dark past, Kip's pursuit leads him to a violent climax below ground: an abandoned gold mine with an unexpected owner; Waniya held prisoner inside; and Kip, ready to risk everything to save her life.

Not Rated.

Released by Gravitas Ventures. See more credits.