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Inspector Gadget 2

2003 Comedy/Adventure Rated G 88 Minutes

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Is it possible? Just when things were quieting down in Riverton, Claw stages a daring escape from prison. But "wowser," our favorite stumbling Inspector Gadget has just been put on probation by Chief Quimby for some ultra-honest mistakes. Nonetheless, the chase is on as Claw has his hands full plotting a new "Crime of the Century" that's pure gold, and the ever-political Mayor unveils G2 -- an all-robot, all-tech, all-girl, next generation of gadget policing. Could it get worse for our hero?

What goes down next is the G-ticket of hair-raising, gadget-crazy mishaps, miscues, stakeouts, and showdowns as G1 and G2 try to go-go save the world with help from Brain, niece Penny, and the irrepressibly tricked-out Gadgetmobile!

Rated G.

Released by Disney. See more credits.