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The Trench

1999 Drama/War Not Rated 102 Minutes

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Only a few yards between life and death… France, July 1916. Amidst the heat and stench of the front lines, a group of young men - boys, really - nervously await the signal that will send them straight into Hell. This tense, wartime drama takes place in the hours leading up to the catastrophic Battle of the Somme, when British soldiers rushed the German army. Stuck in their putrid, claustrophobic trench, 17-year-old Billy Macfarlane and his mates desperately try to distract themselves from what is rapidly approaching – by whatever means necessary. Only a short time ago, these brash young men had raced to sign up and fight the Kaiser. Now, with the countdown to war ticking away, the awful truth of what they are about to encounter begins to sink in. Surrounded by snipers and with the artillery barrage thundering constantly overhead, the war is closing in around them. When the order finally comes to fix bayonets and clamber over the top, these frightened soldiers are forced out of the trench and into a hellish maelstrom of smoke, blood and destiny. Who will survive? Who will wish they had not?

Not Rated.