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Jim Caviezel Demanded Nude Scenes Get Axed From Movie

Posted Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 8:54 AM Central

by Heather Koehler

It's becoming a trend in Hollywood but no nudity is one principle Jim Caviezel has always stuck to.

Devotedly Catholic, Jim threatened High Crimes director Carl Franklin to cut the nude sex scene or he'd walk away from the movie, no "ifs," "ands" or "buts." "I told Carl, 'It's no problem, I don't have to do this movie. Go ahead and find someone else.' I see our culture as not respecting people too much, treating people like objects. There are times when sex is appropriate, but I've yet to see butts and breasts act themselves out of a scene!" the actor said in defense.

This isn't a new revelation for Jim. He refused to get naked with Ashley Judd this time but he has also refused in movies before. He said no way to a sex scene with Jennifer Lopez in Angel Eyes because she was topless and asked Dagmara Domincyzk to cover her nipples in The Count of Monte Cristo.

"My acting stems from inside, from God. And that's the only way I can act. If I violate that, I don't think I'd be around this business much longer," Jim said.