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'This is 40' trailer sheds some light on 'Knocked Up' sequel

Posted Friday, April 27, 2012 at 2:55 PM Central

by John Couture

So, there's this movie coming out this Christmas that is "sort-of" a sequel to Knocked Up. But, not really.

I guess it would be best if I put it into words that my audience would understand. Think of Judd Apatow as Kevin Smith. OK, now think of Knocked Up as Clerks. Jay and Silent Bob were characters in Clerks, but I wouldn't call Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back a sequel. It was just another movie in the same universe about characters that appeared in other movies.

And that's precisely what This is 40 is.

Confused yet? Me too.

Basically, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are reprising their roles from Knocked Up and This is 40 is just a story about their lives. Are there some characters that overlap? Sure. Look, there's the awesome Jason Segel playing, well, Jason again.

Will Seth and/or Katherine make a cameo appearance? Or will their characters Ben or Alison come up in conversation? It doesn't appear so if you believe what Judd Apatow tweets.

Of course, if you do believe what he tweets, it seems that he's revealed a nice little nugget here:

“@ashnlaw: @JuddApatow will there be any mention of Ben or Allison in the movie?” no. That story is for another time.

So, there will be a Knocked Up sequel at some point? Or at the very least a third movie in this universe? It would appear very likely.

Of course, things change, but I, for one, would welcome more films from the Apatowverse. The trailer below is great and really hits home as I'm a father on the cusp of 40.

This is 40 will debut in theaters on December 21. Let us know what you think.

Source: Apple