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Review: 'Puppy Dog Pals' is a fun Disney detour

Posted Monday, April 9, 2018 at 5:13 PM Central
Last updated Monday, April 9, 2018 at 5:14 PM Central

by John Couture

Disney has been aggressively targeting the younger set through their original programming on Disney Junior the last few years. We have written about several of their new programs including Elena of Avalor and Vampirina and it seems that Disney can do no wrong - at least by my kids.

The next property is one that is really out there for Disney and perhaps one that signals a change to go after the audiences tuning in to Nick for Blaze and the Monster Machines or the Cartoon Network and Teen Titans Go. That new show is Puppy Dog Pals and it was created by Harland Williams.

Yes, that Harland Williams.

The guy who once drank Jim Carrey's urine in Dumber has created a children's show about two rascally pugs who get into adventures while their owner Bob is at work. The show has nothing to do with princesses and the comedy is mostly tame, but it does have a small edge that you simply don't find in other Disney Junior shows.

While Harland Williams still maintains his day job as an adult comic, it is clear that he is immensely gifted. Williams also voices Bob on the animated show that features at least one musical number in each 15-minute episode. The quick snippets hold even my four-year-old's attention and they usually include a teachable lesson or moment when the adorable pugs Bingo and Rolly leave their house.

In keeping with other recent Disney Junior shows, the first installment is a simply a collection of choice episodes mostly from the early part of the first season. The first season included a massive 46 pint-sized episodes that typically aired in two-episode 30-minute blocks. The first season recently wrapped on Disney Junior at the end of March and they recently announced that a second season was greenlit by Disney.

While viewership did dip over the course of the season, Puppy Dog Pals routinely pulled in a million viewers for their episodes and if my children's reaction to the DVD is any indication, then it's a good bet that there will be several more seasons of the show to come.

Puppy Dog Pals Volume One is currently available on DVD.