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Aidan Bristow
Corey Driscoll
Avital Ash
Jennifer Baute

Rankin/Bass TV Holiday Favorites Collection DVD Rankin/Bass TV Holiday Favorites Collection 1976
Wide World Of Golf:Judy Rankin 1968
The Claire Wizard Thesis DVD The Claire Wizard Thesis

Isak Issa
Alex Dona
James Mitry
Rose Marel

Claire's Camera Blu-rayDVD Claire's Camera

Isabelle Huppert
Kim Minhee
Jung Jinyoung

Claire in Motion DVD Claire in Motion

Betsy Brandt
Chris Beetem
Zev Haworth
Anna Margaret Hollyman

The Claire Sinclair Show DVD The Claire Sinclair Show

Claire Sinclair
Bunny Yeager

Claire 2006
Shakespeare's Women & Claire Bloom 2005
Claire Dolan 2005
Picture Claire 2003
Claire Hooton:tai Chi-basic Le 1995
Claire Hooton:tai Chi-intermed 1995
Claire Of The Moon

Trisha Todd
Karen Trumbo
Faith McDevitt
Caren Graham

Claire's Knee

Jean-Claude Brialy
Aurora Cornu
Beatrice Romand
Laurence De Monaghan


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