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Louisa 1950
The Milkman 1950
Francis Goes To The Races 1951
The Prince Who Was A Thief 1951
No Room For The Groom No Room For The Groom 1952
Has Anybody Seen My Gal? Has Anybody Seen My Gal? 1952
Son of Ali Baba Son of Ali Baba 1952
The Mississippi Gambler The Mississippi Gambler 1953
The Golden Blade The Golden Blade 1953
Dawn At Socorro Dawn At Socorro 1954
Johnny Dark 1954
Dangerous Mission 1954
Ain't Misbehavin' 1955
Smoke Signal 1955
Until They Sail Until They Sail 1957
Kelly And Me 1957
The Hustler The Hustler 1961
Carrie Carrie 1976
In The Matter Of Karen Ann Quinlan 1977
Ruby Ruby 1977
Rainbow 1978
Tim 1979
The Bunker The Bunker 1981
Mae West 1982
The Thorn Birds The Thorn Birds 1983
Love, Mary 1985
Return To Oz Return To Oz 1985
Toughlove 1985
Children Of A Lesser God Children Of A Lesser God 1986
Promise Promise 1986
Distortions 1987
Appointment With Death 1988
Go Toward The Light 1988
Tiger Warsaw 1988
Dream A Little Dream Dream A Little Dream 1989
Rising Son 1990
Twin Peaks 1990
Other People's Money Other People's Money 1991
Rich In Love Rich In Love 1992
Storyville 1992
Wrestling Ernest Hemingway Wrestling Ernest Hemingway 1993
Trauma 1993
Lies And Lullabies 1993
Love, Lies And Lullabies 1993
Shadows Of Desire 1994
The Devil's Bed 1994
The Crossing Guard 1995
The Grass Harp The Grass Harp 1995
Fighting For My Daughter 1995
The Road To Galveston 1996
In The Blink Of An Eye 1996
A Christmas Memory 1997
Intensity Intensity 1997
Alone 1997
The Faculty 1998
Inherit The Wind Inherit The Wind 1999
The Last Brickmaker in America 2001
Possessed 2001
Eulogy Eulogy 2004
The Dead Girl 2006
Hounddog 2008
Another Harvest Moon 2009
Hesher Hesher 2011
Saving Grace B. Jones Saving Grace B. Jones 2012
Bad Blood: The Hunger 2012
Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery 2014
Rock Hudson Comedy Collection Rock Hudson Comedy Collection 2018
Snapshots 2018
White Boy Rick White Boy Rick 2018
Twin Peaks: From Z to A 2019
Twin Peaks: The Complete Television Collection Twin Peaks: The Complete Television Collection 2019